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 Charles Harron's story

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PostSubject: Charles Harron's story   Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:14 pm

Charles Harron was born at Montgomery medical, Charles was a quick grower, and learner. His father, Jack Harron was the Sherrif of the Red County Police Department. At age 4, Charles got out of bed, because he heard a noice, he went into his dad's room, and tried to wake him up. Jack did not get up. So what did Charles do? he had taken his dad's Revolver, and had shot a burgler! When Charles was 9, his dad had been killed in a shoot out! He knew he HAD to become a cop, and catch those dirty crooks!
Charles grew up so quick, he was 14. By the time he had thought seriously about becomming a police officer, he studied up on laws and what a officer should do. He was reading the newspapers for any openings, and he saw one section about the Angel Pine Sherrifs' department needing a new Sherrif. He knew that was him.
By the age if 20, Charles had turned in his Application. Had he been accepted?
Charles had become the Sherrif of Flint County!
What was he to do first? Go on-duty? Have a party? Of course, Charles had always been anxious to become a police officer, so he drove to the Station, and went on-duty!
A day later, there was a Liqure Store robbery! Charles geared up, and tried to calm the men down, and end it.
The men had went into the bathroom, and changed into white uniforms. They were the Ku Klux Klan!

Charles had heard many stories about them, and now that the Blacks had won the Civil Rights Movement, the K.K.K could be shot on sight! Just then, a bullet flew through the glass, and hit the ground by Charles' foot! What was he to do this time? He was near death! Charles ducked down and grabbed his 380 Remington, and blew one's face to shreds! He had lived, and Charles had made his first two arrests as Sherrif that day!

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Nathan Mader

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PostSubject: Time to Finish?   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:14 pm

((I do believe that you should finish this, also, watch your grammar, it is pushing it!))
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Charles Harron's story
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