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 Lost Life Roleplay V0.1a Completed

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Nathan Mader

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PostSubject: Lost Life Roleplay V0.1a Completed   Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:56 pm

Hello, it is my honor to announce that Lost Life Roleplay Version 0.1a has been completed, the following things were added:

Trust Worthy Anti-Cheat
Admin levels

-Trial Moderator [1]
-Moderator [2]
-Senior Moderator [3]
-Trial Admin [4]
-Junior Admin [5]
-Admin [6]
-Lead Admin [7]
-Senior Admin [8]
-Head Admin [9]
-Server Owner [10]

Login and Registration System
Complete admin command system
Spawn Points Set
Default Interiors Disabled
Stunting Disabled
Some Skins Set
VIP System Scripted

Please have patience in the many different updates to come, unfortunately, we will not be actually releasing to the public, until we have found a free full up time host, or until enough donations are given to get a Volt-Host server, so feel free to donate for later on In Game benefits. (You will be added to a waiting list so you are not forgotten) We will release the server no earlier though, than update V0.5a, and that is likely to be buggy. So, expect us fully developed at V1.0, with our approximated time of one year.

Thanks for your patience,
Nathan Mader
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Lost Life Roleplay V0.1a Completed
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