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 Faction Ownership Positions: OPEN

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Nathan Mader

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PostSubject: Faction Ownership Positions: OPEN   Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:13 pm

Hello, I would be very pleased to inform you all that I will be selecting leaders for factions. So, you must meet the following requirements:
Good English
Good Cooperation Skills
Decent Admin Record
Decent RP skills
TS and Mic (For Interviews)
At least 25 Forum Posts
At least 1 Recommendation
At least the age of 15

NOTE: If we find you make another account for your recommendation, you will be permanently banned from ALL Factions, and you will suffer consequences such as a temp ban up to 14 Weeks.

Now, if you meet all of those requirements, continue on with our application:
IG Name:
IG Level:
Forum Name:
Faction Wanted:
Requested Date:
Reason Why You Would Like To Run The Faction:
What Do You Have To Offer?:
Admin Offences (List them ALL, false or not):
Why Should We Choose You?:
Past Experience?:

So, good luck to the community of Lost Roleplay!

Nathan Mader
-Lost Roleplay Administrative Staff Leader
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Faction Ownership Positions: OPEN
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