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 Weapons: Options for RP

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PostSubject: Weapons: Options for RP   Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:17 pm

Since we take place in the south, in the 60's, you must RP your weapons as such back then!
Below, we have listed you a few options for your weapon-RP. Be sure to edit your /me's to them!
Colt .45 - Glock 17, Colt .45.
Desert Eagle - Any type of revolver.
Pump Shotgun - 380 Remington, 180 Remington, ect.
AK 47 - AMERICAN, Tommygun, Tomgun, AK47.

The following weapons were NOT included because they are easy for RP:
Silenced Colt .45, Sawn Off, Tec9, Uzi, MP5, M4, Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Grenade.

The following weapons were NOT included because they are RP-impossible for the date:
Spas 12, RPG, Satchels, Minigun, ect.

If you try to RP a RP-impossible, you will be kicked and if you continue, jailed. We are strict about the date!

-LRP Team!
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Weapons: Options for RP
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